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The Story of How Students REALLY Feel

Most of my students are approaching, studying for, or currently taking final exams, state regulated testing, or end of the year projects. The vast majority of them dislike it. But that’s putting it lightly. Last night my ensemble had our … Continue reading

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The Story of Andy: “The School Thinks I’m Stupid”

This week, my student Andy* came into his guitar lesson just like he always does, his quiet eyes halfway hidden behind shaggy hair.  As I tuned his guitar, I asked the question I generally ask children when they come in: … Continue reading

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Would I Have Been Willing to Go to Jail?

Home-schooling wasn’t always just another educational option for families. In present day America, we have the freedom to home-school our children if we please. Each state has its own requirements or guidelines for home-schoolers; many states, thankfully, keep their hands … Continue reading

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Surprised By My Daughter

Today, I was once again surprised by my daughter. Several months ago, my mother made a toy from a clean sour cream container. She punched holes of three different sizes in the lid, then bought several sizes of puff balls … Continue reading

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Exploring Education Topics Online

I will kindly ask that you please examine the information presented here with a mind open to the possibility that there may be other ways of educating children and operating “school” than we used to know. We are all in … Continue reading

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