Articles for Education: Check ‘Em Out!

Every Wednesday I post links that I’ve found interesting, informative, and/or helpful. Most of the time these links are found on my other blog, but occasionally I will post some here if they are all related to education. Please let me know what you think in the comments, whether you agree or disagree with what you’ve read!


What would drive a teacher who had taught in public schools for more than twenty-seven years to quit his job of his own volition? I was saddened to see the reasons this veteran teacher described.

Technology is useful in many aspects of education, but do you think computers should be trusted to grade student essays?

Here are eight crucial life skills that every person needs to learn in order to live a happy, well-balanced life. This is why all children, whether they go to public school, private school, home-school, or unschool, need to have mentors, parents, and friends to support them as they learn not just how to grow academically, but how to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you risk too little, rescue too quickly, or rave too easily about your children or students? Here are several good reasons to re-think how we lead them.

As the official school year starts back up, here is an encouraging article for families who are beginning their home-school year as well: a dozen pieces of awesomely helpful home-schooling advice.

One eighth grader in New York was so frustrated with the standardized testing system that she wrote her own critique of it, in the form of a standardized test.

I’ve visited a Waldorf preschool in our local neighborhood before, and hope to visit a Montessori preschool this year as well, but this article did a great job explaining the general ideas of both!

What qualifies a parent to be the teacher for their own children? Is it a college degree? Is it a doctorate? Is it a license to be a teacher? If you’re a mother/father who is thinking about home-schooling your own children but aren’t sure if you’d be a good teacher for them, check out what this author says about the qualifications you need.

Also, if you’re a home-schooling family, here is an incredible resource for daily projects, research, fun reading, and exploration from another home-schooling family!

This is probably the most controversial link in this post: a photo series exploring what happens when children don’t do homework. Even I was surprised by some of these descriptions.

I smiled when I read this! One author wrote a “Public School Parents’ Guide to Home-school Parents” with honesty, humor, humility, and truth. A must-read for all moms and dads, whether your children go to school or stay at home. Please take a look!

Finally, here is a news story of an amazing public school in Maine that is truly helping their students learn what it means to be educated: “The secret, as we saw it, was relevance… I feel that schools shouldn’t just be learning about problems. I think they should be about solving them, because if you don’t learn how to solve problems, then what will you do when you’re out of school?”

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