Exploring Education!

Every Wednesday I post links that I’ve found interesting, informative, and/or helpful. Most of the time these links are found on my other blog, but occasionally I will post some here if they are all related to education. Please let me know what you think in the comments, whether you agree or disagree with what you’ve read!

Once again, Ken Robinson comes up with another intriguing TED talk! Check out his compelling speech called “How to Escape Education Death Valley”.

Kids have to follow their grade-level with all school subjects! The parent who home-schools has to be the teacher, principal, coach, and super-mom/dad! I can’t afford to provide my children with a well-rounded home-schooled education! Six myths about home-schooling are dispelled in this article.

“…I admit, I’m mad. I didn’t WANT to homeschool. My husband works 50 hours a week and I run my own business so we pay taxes for things like public education. And here we are, unable to use them.” One passionate mother’s story about why they felt they needed to find an alternative education path for their two children.

What if students were allowed to design, implement, and lead their OWN school? What would it look like? The Independent Project is a fascinating experiment in student-led education!

In our culture, schools need to adapt and teach important skills that are applicable and necessary for modern life. Here are five basic subjects that need to be offered to ALL students before they graduate!

“I look at my kids and ask myself, ‘are they thriving? are they learning? are they on fire and loving life most every day?’ Heck yes. I couldn’t imagine how we could be happier. And so we begin another day. Another season. Another year.” One of the best back-to-school posts I’ve read!

Kindergarten is becoming a highly debated topic. Should children be forced to learn how to read and write at age five? How much desk work is necessary? Is play important? How much of a young child’s time should be structured around formal education? Here are one parent’s reasons they chose to not send their children to kindergarten.

Democratic schools have fascinated me since I visited Grassroots Free School in Florida several years ago. For those who are also interested in understanding the democratic school concept a little more, here is an informative question and answer session with one of the founders of a new democratic school in Pennsylvania.


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