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The Two Institutions That Control Your Child’s Life

“Two institutions at present control our children’s lives: television and schooling, in that order. Both of these reduce the real world of wisdom, fortitude, temperance, and justice to a never-ending, nonstop abstraction. In centuries past, the time of childhood and … Continue reading

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His Performance Moved Me to Tears

By the end of his performance, I had tears in my eyes. My mom and I were clapping even though the performance was on television, not live. It was breathtaking. And no, it wasn’t a musical performance. It was ice … Continue reading

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A Home-school Manifesto (and How to Build a Home-school Group from Scratch)

Well, here begins another step of the journey. A new friend and I are building a home-school group together from scratch. It’s not that there aren’t large and small home-schooling groups and co-ops and resources in our (very large) city … Continue reading

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Beginning the Journey: “You’re homeschooling already?”

Hanging out with friends and their little ones, the talk turns to education. My ears always perk up, since it’s one of my favorite topics, and I’m eager to hear everything they have to say. Then the inevitable question: “So … Continue reading

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