The Number One (Very Personal) Reason I Am Home-Schooling My Daughter

There’s a good reason I chose the job I have now. My youngest students are usually around five or six years old, and the good ones stick around through high-school. The average age of my students right now is probably twelve. Children are so fun to be around!

The magical years between five and twelve are especially beautiful. Boys and girls alike are eager to stretch their wings. They want to find out what they can do, and do it better. They want to know how and why everything works. They begin to engage in detailed conversations. They want to absorb, to challenge, to improve, to re-imagine, to grow. They are finding out their talents. They are still attached to their families, yet beginning to create their own persona, eager to explore the world a little farther outside their comfort zone every day. Their imaginations are huge, their curiosity boundless, their energy vibrant.

So once my daughter turns five years old, there’s no way I’d want to send her away to school!

As Harmony approaches her second birthday, her personality is already blossoming. She is so intent on learning, so excited to wake up each morning and play. The older she gets, the easier it is to understand what she wants and needs, since her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. We still have our hard moments when I get impatient and frustrated with her clinginess (she’s still little, I need to remember), and she gets whiny, but with the help of my supportive family we are finding our way together in grace.

We have conversations (short, but fun). We go on picnics together. She helps me cook and bake in the kitchen, clean our home, and shop for groceries. We take trips to the library, hang out with our friends, go on walks almost every day, collect rocks, play endless imaginary games with her horse and pony figurines, and draw pictures. I can only see Harmony becoming MORE interesting to be around as she gets older!

Yes, I am a teacher for children, so I naturally love being around children to begin with. Yes, I have a unique situation where I can be at home with my daughter during the day because my job occurs in the later afternoon and evening. Yes, not all parents will find that home-schooling is the best option for their family. Yes, we have other reasons for wanting to home-school such as freedom to learn at the child’s own pace, ability to follow the child’s interests, less standardized testing all the time, etc.

But the main reason that I want to home-school Harmony is because I love being around her. And I hope that as we grow to know and understand each other more as she gets older, that she’ll love being around me, too.


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