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When I Say Goodbye for the Last Time

It always hurts when a guitar student quits. No matter how much I prepare myself, knowing that eventually every single student will move on, there is still a sting when they have their final lesson. Some students are so full … Continue reading

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Day in the Life: 1st Annual Not-Back-to-School Week!

This is our first “official” not-back-to-school year as a home-schooling family! Harmony is two years and two months old, and we have been planning on home-schooling for a long time. Our family is a little out-of-the-ordinary because my husband and … Continue reading

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Changing Education, One Link at a Time

There have been too many interesting articles floating around the web lately for me to just post one at a time, so here are a bunch of them! Unschooling has been getting a lot of interest, lately, so you’ll see … Continue reading

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