About Me

I ask a lot of questions. My opinion may not always be correct, but my thoughts are always honestly seeking the truth. My goal is to find out how children learn and what environment will help them thrive the most.

Children begin their lives eager to learn. Babies, toddlers, and very young children have boundless curiosity, constantly building their physical, mental, and emotional skills. Each child is born with a built-in desire to join their world as a competent, capable individual.

My hope is that children will leave their kindergarten through twelfth grade formal education just as excited to learn as they were when they first entered, with the life skills that will enable them to pursue meaningful work and application of their talents. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal school?

School should be a place that students look forward to attending every day because they know that they are being supported by a staff of mentors and adults who are passionate to teach what they themselves love. School should be a place where students can explore their abilities without fear of failure because they are eager to push the limits of their growing minds and bodies. School should be a place where children are free to use their imaginations and free to be the children that they are, not the mini-adults or compliant drones that they are often expected to be.

This is the kind of school that I hope will become more readily available for ALL students someday. Through my research, contemplative writing, sharing of information, and discussion of education concepts, I hope that in the future I will possess a wide knowledge of education systems that will allow me to understand what kind of learning environment will be most conducive to children. I welcome the opinions and thoughts of others here, so please do comment!

You’ll see many stories here about my experiences as a private guitar teacher, a former home-schooled student, a new mother who is home-schooling her daughter, and a musician. I love traveling, questioning, following, leading, knitting, reading, writing, drawing, nature, music, gardening, feeding the birds, noticing beauty, cooking, hanging out with my husband, learning and playing with my daughter, and day-dreaming.


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