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Thinking about home-schooling? Not sure if home-schooling is the right choice for your family? Curious about what home-schooling might entail? Visit this series of posts about Home-schooling 101!

We all have stories. Here are the stories that mean the most to me, about interactions with my students, stories that I hear, and my own stories about life as a teacher and former home-schooled student.

I’ve become a mother since starting this blog several years ago. My daughter, Harmony, will be a year old in June this year! Here are posts that I’ve written about being both a mother and a teacher.

I’ve visited and researched various schools and their methods of education, including a Waldorf school, democratic free schools, public schools, and a French immersion school. Want to see what I’ve discovered?

Here are posts that contain website links about education.

Here are posts that contain information or links to books about education.

Here are the top seven posts on Life is the Teacher that people seemed to enjoy the most:

Guess What? I Don’t Actually Hate School! *gasp*

Changing Education Paradigms: a Transcription of Sir Ken Robinson’s Incredible Lecture

Grassroots, Day 1: Beginning My Exploration of a Democratic Free School

“School” Should Not Equal “Prison”

What Does It Mean to Be Truly Educated?

That Oh-So-Touchy Subject: Discipline

My Only Experience in a Public High School, and a Call to Action


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